Heswall Methodist Church

Helping the community


Church Services

Church Services


Sundays:  Morning Worship at 10.45am

Fridays:  Church Mice at 9.45am

4th Sunday in month:  Fourth Sunday Fun at 9.30am


Circuit or Group Sunday evening or other services
(When advertised - see Calendar)

Details of coming services may be found in our

At Heswall Methodist Church we embrace a variety of styles of worship to cater for most tastes.
Sunday morning services at 10.45am are family friendly and usually led by our own minister or a lay preacher, occasionally by our own worship leaders or ministers or preachers from other parts of Wirral or even beyond.
There is a mix of traditional and contemporary services, occasional family services, and others when Pram-&-Buggy and Cradle-Roll families or other special groups are invited.
Parade services, attended by our uniformed organisations, are held occasionally.

Details of worship for our younger members (and their families) may be found

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